UK Drone & Technology Show Live - NEC - 1-2 Dec


Anyone thinking of going?

Edit : Could be a great place for a mass meet-up?

Which day do you think you might go?

  • Saturday
  • Sunday

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Newbie, what to buy
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Drone and Technology Show 1-2 Dec

It’s a big kid show…
I’m in


I think this is also a “leave your credit card at home!” show, too! :wink:


I’d be tempted to come down for that.


Leave credit card never
It will cost an arm and a leg just to get there
£10 to get in booking fee £2 parking £10
Petrol £40 a couple of brews or beers and something to eat £30
Cheap day out
Yeh who would want to buy anything


Train, door-to-door £35 = more for beer. :wink:


You live in a station wow


5 mins walk from.
NEC is further from Birmingham International :wink:
Even NEC parking can be further!


But they have buses from the car parking


There are buses to the station. Free for me, too.
But I’m this old fashioned thing called “healthy” and “fit” … and I never drink and then drive the same day. I’ve seen what can be the consequences.




Went to the very first one, it was mobbed, lots of commercial kit on show. The drone racing was brilliant, my friend and I took a packed lunch, cold drinks the usual as you do. I maybe able to go again though it’s a bit too soon to say.


Was it not you who said something about drink recently Mmm in another post


£10 to get in!!!
I presume that includes an overnight with bed and breakfast.


Bloody Yorkshire men cheaps skates
mike you can afford it didn’t even bat and eyelid at that super cheap burger the other week


Seen as I’m in Birmingham on the 1st I could do this.

Wait a minute, its an early flight I’m on to Tenerife with the family (and drone) to celebrate my 50th ;o)

Next year perhaps


Anyone going. We could have a meet up etc


I moved your post over to here! :+1:

Coincidentally, I was looking at this thread only this morning and thinking it should be reawakened.


And - in response to your question - it’s in my diary as a probable!


Also the commercial UAV expo in London on 14/15 of November
Oh and it’s free :blush: