UK Drone & Technology Show Live - NEC - 1-2 Dec


Done, cheers Jeff :+1:


Won’t be making it this year.


Interesting to see is back on this year after it didn’t happened last year… I’ve found it to be getting more and more other RC and none RC than drones each year. Everything is full retail or above. I found myself internet shopping while there. I did get some price matches, but most retailers would not due to impulse buyers paying over the odds.

I love tech, so hopefully this extension of the site will help.

Unfortunately, myself MP, M2P (and other half) will be in Hong Kong this weekend.


As a Newbie, Im up for this on the Sat. Ill be getting there as the doors open.

Im sure there are some life essential accessories I need…

Happy to join a “coffee break” meet up if thats on the cards?


Although I am unable (with deep regret!) to get to this on either day.
Would it not be an Idea if people who are going from “GADC” to wear some kind of sticker on them with there Forum name that would identify to others that they are from our Forum.
It may sound a bit “school boyish” , but, would save a lot of mind reading !.
Better still wear a “Red Rose” !


Yes am up for that depends on what everyone else is doing can discuss nearer the time
Am off to London to the commercial drone show next week but a bit worried about how to get there drive or take the train
If I drive it will be a longggggg day or if I used the train and expensive day Mmmmmmm


I made it to landan


Thought I would bump this up the list due to only being a week

I am visiting on Saturday 1st travelling from Bolton near Manchester anyone interested in a car share give us a shout

Anyone up for meet up while there?

Let me know it’s nice to put a face to a nickname…

See some of you there on the day



OP: Im going on the Sat, early. Door open at 1000 I think

Happy to meet up at say 1100 on a stand…theres a little Chinese outfit called DJI who are there;) Or the CAA stand??

Now, if we had some understated, classy GADC hats or badges we could identify each other…:wink:


Just take a “red rose” or one of these !!


See chris knows I have a natural red nose…

On another note have you received your ticket? @Clarkey


Ok so they sent it ages ago in an email. Doh


when he blows it, the Queen Mary comes out of harbour !:trumpet::wink:


Cheers chris
You going ?


No Mate, got Christmas Dinner Dances all weekend (Fri, Sat, Sun)
Would love to have come though, maybe next year !
Tis The Season of Good Cheer ! (and office parties)


Sparkman999: Im going to buy on the day, early doors

Any more takers?


Ok i am bumping this again Guys its three days to go

PM me if your going we can then swap phone numbers and agree a time to meet up
@Clarkey @Wrighty @jedpause @mickydd


Sorry Jeff @sparkman999
Not able to make it.


Sorry can’t do working on the weekend and on call. Dooh


Yes still going, driving from Heathrow, and aim to be there around 10am