UK Snow Shots


Just a few photos i took from 2 quick flights at the weekend.
All unedited shots. I’ve not got into editing photo’s just yet.


They look just fine as they are, an edit is not always necessary.


I agree with Richard
Can I ask did you have any filters on?


I was using a DJI ND16 filter with some auto and some manual exposure settings.

Ideally would like to get and try out an ND32 at some point. Recently got a Freewell ND1000 that i want to try out on some long exposure stuff.

I do have the D-Cinelike (or whatever the correct name is) settings enabled but not sure if they apply only to video or not.


Those get you the Ice Flyer Badge! :+1:

Any one of those would qualify as a “Snow Covered Field” entry for the 2018 Winter Treasure Hunt Challenge, too!
Still time to work your way up the leader-board a little! :wink:


Wow, very nice shots!