Ukraine and Drone Activity against Russia

This is worth a watch

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The Chinese would sell ther own grandmothers for a proft - post free :rofl::rofl:

Any discord users might find the Bellingcat site usefull for sorting the wheat from the chaff on this subject and more.

Bellingcat is all about open source investigative methods, their website is also very informative on techniques and sources available

Russian fighter collides with Reaper drone over Black Sea

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“Moscow appeared to suggest on Tuesday that it had imposed a unilateral no-fly zone over the region as part of its invasion of Ukraine.”

Not much point imposing a no-fly zone if you don’t tell anyone about it :confused:

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If it’s not on dronescene, it doesn’t exist :joy:

See the US has a “Forte 10” ( Northrop Grumman RQ-4B Global Hawk) over the Black Sea again…:rofl:

I thought it was a clever tactic the way they sent it over South East Romania for a while (something Ive never seen a Forte flight do before they always go direct from Signolla to black Sea)
I bet the Russkies were thinking ‘ha they have chickened out’…and then they turned and went east over the Black sea anyway, Head Games

…and its still airborne over East Romania… nearly 17 hrs airborne now…

Just a shame the little guys are fodder

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This doesnt of course mean Russia obtained these parts recently or through proper channels, but like most things in this world money talks and bullshit walks

“Never in the history of the world has a species applied it’s intelligence so effectively in the murder of it’s own kind”

"Surely intelligence without wisdom is death"

@Njoro WOW!

How right that is!

Not forgetting there is a UASF presence at Constanta so always backup landing spot in case of an emergency.

Published maximum endurance is 34 hours