Unable to update DJI Mavic Mini (1) Firmware

I have the Mini 3 Pro, but brought a second hand Mavic Mini.

I have connected it to 2 IPhones, and get this on the front screen, on both phones?

I can click Go Fly, and it opens up.

Check for up dates.

Click update. But it returns to “Update”

Anyone with any advice on this?

Which firmware version is currently installed on the Mavic Mini 1?

Here’s a handy list:

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It would appear that it’s the up to date version, but why is it trying to update on the Home Screen?

And by constantly trying to update, it’s draining the phone battery!

Sorry, I didn’t see that there :man_facepalming:t2:

Yes, confirmed you’re on the latest for that model.

DJI :roll_eyes:

Can you not just click on the ‘Cancel’ button? To save your battery?

Out of interest @Drone_Monkey is it, or are you, just getting confused?

Is there a pending update for your Mini 3? And it’s that which it’s trying to install?

Doesn’t give an option to cancel.

There was a Mini 3 firmware update just twelve days ago - worth checking that’s on the latest?

One of your earlier screen shots had a cancel button on it.

Yes that’s after you click on about and click check for Updates.

But it’s still trying to install from the Home Screen

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Is your Mini 3 up to date?

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Will it let you click on the Flysafe “check for updates” ?

Have you tried a different battery? Random thought re one battery firmware being out of date from the other batteries.

My next suggestion would be to plug the drone in to DJI Assistant and re-apply the current firmware. Then go back to the app (after force-closing it in iOS) and seeing what it does next.

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Turn off check for firmware updates in the settings in the app

Clear the app cache

Force close the app and restart the device


If you have a computer, you can connect the drone to that with USB cable and try and update/repair it via DJI Assistant app too.

See what you guys say first, I’ve had this happen too me, let me know if you’d like to know what drone doctors told me to do to solve it.
Edit: mav air 2 but same problem.

What did they say?

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Is it a secret :man_shrugging:

Yes, I have updated Flysafe.

Changed battery, as it had run it down.

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Yes, just updated it, but that’s operated of its own stand alone controller.

It’s saying “ Installing Mavic Mini Firmware” on the IPhone Screen.

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Sent it too them too ( drone doctors ), which was free in the end as there was no problem.
Plug in to DJI assistant and check it’s running all the current firmwares / latest.
When it shows you there is still a update when powered on with the the controller ( this was there words not me ),
As above on screen in this pictures is what I was getting only when I cleared the firmware cache, so they said, that can sometimes be completely normal, it won’t do the update as it / mine or above as it is possibly running the latest, so long and short, they advised to NOT clear the firmware cache, which I then did not & it stopped reminding me there was an update, when there was not. :+1:t2:

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Would be great fuel if you could spill the beans!

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