Uncrashed - Another FPV Simulator gets released tomorrow

No price on it as yet, and r/multicopter on Reddit seem to be unimpressed. But then when are Redditors ever impressed by anything?

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Eight quid? Worth a look. Downloading…

19GB! :astonished: Yowzers.

I’ll report back later.


One hour in…

Setup was quick and straightforward. Even for my quirky Mode 3 configuration. However, drone settings seem to be overly simple to me and even with the settings that are there I was unable to enter the exact parameters of my quad - can’t get the prop pitch below 3, for example.

Having said that, it flies pretty much like all the other sims out there. Collisions are very forgiving and “bouncy”. I like sims that allow you to reset in place, rather than taking you back to a spawn point, but the down side of this is that you can become trapped on occasions. I like the way the race tracks only activate once you fly through the start gate. If you don’t the area isn’t all cluttered up with gates.

It’s absolutely gorgeous! Lovely graphics, however of the nine levels available only two really stand out - Urban Bando and the clearly Fifth Element inspired, High City. Most of the others are decent but sparse feeling and a couple are extremely barren. But they are quite large.

Biggest faux pas so far is that water is non-lethal. You can actually land on it! :rofl:

On the whole it’s not dreadful - pretty much on a par with a lot of the other sims out there - and it’s nice to have some different places to fly, even if a lot of them aren’t particularly engaging. I’m not upset at having spent £8.25 on it.


I see what you mean about the crashing being forgiving. Graphics look pretty good and I would guess they will continue to improve the physics e.g. not being able to land on water :laughing: as they develop the sim. Actually thought it looked like you were flying around a Call of Duty game map :joy:

seems alright. the one thing I really like about lift off is how configuring your quad on it is almost identical to configuring in betaflight think it makes it much more useable to practice properly.

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Can I use this with my Tx like I can on Velocidrone? Looks great graphically

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Not bad for 8 quid


No reason why not, pretty sure the Tx’s just interact as a generic game controller with windows.

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ah windows only - i’m on Mac.

Bootcamp? Windows partition?

I downloaded this a few days ago and I’ve managed a few flights with it, and I must admit I quite like it.

I was an early adopter of Lift-Off as I was one of the Beta testers of the original release, so I tend to use this as my benchmark.

I think the version of Uncrashed I’m running has had a few revisions since its original release. I don’t find the physics to be too bad, they’re not as dialled in as Lift-Off, yet, but on my PC the graphics appear to be a lot smoother and more engaging, especially in my goggles.