Undoing a CrystalSky (Android) USB port-to-app binding

Whenever I connect my CrystalSky to a controller, it asks which app I want to use this device with.

As I chop and change between different drones and different apps a lot, I only ever click the “Just Once” button.


The day will come when I accidentally click the “Always” button :cry:

Sods law, that day will be when I’m pushed for time, stood in a field of crops with the sun going down and zero internet signal in order to reach out for help :roll_eyes:

So in advance of the inevitable happening when I least need it, if when I click on “Always”, how do I undo that and make it prompt me again each time?!

On android it’s settings > apps > default apps.

No idea about CS though but might be similar.

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Callum’s right - go the app that’s bound and clear its settings.

Is it under defaults? Thought that was for links?

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Not sure.

Like you said in each apps settings it gives you the option to clear defaults.

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Yup. Under the bound app …

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Thanks guys, I think I’ve found it.

On the CS, you click on “Apps”:

Then on the top right, click “ALL”:

Then click the app in questions and as above, I guess you then hit “CLEAR DEFAULTS”:

Excellent :+1:

But :wink:

What if you can’t remember which app you accidentally bound it to? :thinking:

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You will know which app when you reconnect - because it will open.


LOL! This is my new phone. The one I was going to keep clean and uncluttered!

… the one that wasn’t EVER going to have Go4 on it … until my drone-phone wouldn’t switch on yesterday and I had to use.
It has a USB-C connector …. and the only cable I had with me was a 3m long one. :stuck_out_tongue: