Unstable drone

Hi guys, got my MP caught in a tree, no visable damage lucky that I had the gímble cover (ND16) instead of a lens. Anyaway I thought it was not completely stable after that could it have done some damage to the sensors???

it will flag up a warning in the go4 app if you your sensors are faulty, you can try re callibrating them through the app. have you checked your props for any physical damage. assuming you have checked it over make sure you props are properly seated onto rotor shafts. i was flying mine yesterday about7pm and noticed it seemed ti twitch evry now and then it may just be turbulance due to the heat.:grin:

Funny enough it was late afternoon in that extensive heat, I calibrated imu and the compass seemed to fluctuate from green to amber till I calibrated but still done it one or twice I will put the original props back and try again, I have off market low noise carbon Fiber props and although they look ok maybe they are slightly deformed…

i have tried the low noise gold props. didnt seem to make a huge diference on my MP so put origional ones back on.did notice the difference in quality between genuine and amazon (dji) props the build is a little loose on the link pins… i think you will find the radiated heat patterns from the ground in late afternon will cause minor wobbles because i think it interfere:grin:s with the object avoidance system you could try switching it off and see what happens,

just a thought if you are in an area with underground power cable or an area with concrete ther may be rebar in the ground which will affect the imu and compass :grinning:

Again it actually was about 30 foot above a concrete base from an old building, I have now swapped the props for the originals, I was not happy with the condition of the off market ones, the blade were very loose on the pins, I compared with originals were there was no movement what so ever.

Was going to say to change props.

Not a fan of carbon fibre ones myself.

Problem with carbon fibre is how rigid they are. It’s good for something flying acro where they are getting stressed but Mavics a fairly stable flight.

When you hit something with plastic props they bend and absorb a lot of the shock. Carbon fibre are rigid so transfer forces onto motor spindle.

That and if you hit someone or something with carbon fibre it’s going to do serious damage.

Just tried it… and it’s flying 100% better, took some sunset shots…may buy the DJI low noice prop and stay original…thanks for all the feed back, sunset not that exiting but I will post it anyway…

Did you try hovering over the same concrete base?

Sounds like the downward VPS just couldn’t get a lock?

Mine does that if I hover over my lawn - it’s fine as soon as I go higher up, as the VPS can then lock on to something due to the wider viewing angle.

Or something with detail.

I’m not a follower of metal being such a big enemy …

I had landing assist off in that, for a specific test, but the downward visual sensors were on and picking up the detail in the steel to be so stable. (I’m no ace pilot! :stuck_out_tongue: )

Flew over the concrete base last night, Drone was stable…