Unsure about DH and DJI version numbers

I kindly need to pick someone’s brains here “ not having much luck “
I’ve been running D H for about two months now and everything has been fine and still is.
My MA2 when plugged in assistant says I’m running the correct firmware for the mod which as. per bird map is 01.01.0610 but in the dji fly app it says my firmware is 09.09.0904 anyone heard of this or am I just having the bad luck.as said it’s still running the mod fine but says this,I have not updated the fly app I’m on 1.6.2 iOS
Here we go again any thoughts would be great

Show us a screen shot of the firmware

In the fly app or drone plugged in to assistant ?
Thanks buddy


Ok I’ll just plug drone in

D H guy on YT said re flash :person_facepalming:t2: I haven’t a windows pc only Mac and I struggled to get one last time,if this needs to be re done and anyone within a 40 mile radius Ill pay a good drink to get it re done !
It’s all driving me nuts

Don’t worry you are on the correct firmware 01.01.0610

It’s an error in the fly app, stop looking for things :joy:


Ah thanks buddy D H guy made me worry ( not intentional ) shall I stay on that fly app 1.6.2 iOS or update to the latest ? I’m so so sorry ( it’s always me )
:person_facepalming:t2: Thankyou

When I tried to search up that jargon firmware within the app it’s not even listed any where fffffffffffffff@@ :smile:

Found my old I phone that app is 1.5.10 but says the same :smile::rofl:

If you update to the latest you will lose the exploit! so don’t ever update

Version 09.09.0904 is a special DH firmware that always you to downgrade

Why it’s showing in the fly app I don’t know but I would go with what the DJI assistant says

I just found these pics of when I done the flash

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So you reckon just leave it Wayne sorry to ask but D H says re flash which I haven’t the tools to do
Sorry and Thankyou

Richard when you say DH… who is saying that?

Infinity drone hacks

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I could screen shot the convo on YouTube ?
Didn’t know if I’m authorised to do this

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Yeah it’s fine

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So lastly you mean just leave it :person_facepalming:t2::rofl:
:pray:t2: Thanks mate