Uploading A Video

I have just finished editing a video taken by my Mini 2 and added sound to it, then saved it. It is in an mp4 format. When I tried uploading here I was I formed that the format is not allowed.

Can anyone advise please?

Thank you for all your help and assistance with this, I really appreciate it.

Details here:


Thank you so much, I really appreciate that advice.

I am computer illiterate ! i have managed to upload my first attempt at a video on you tube and can view it on my ipad but dont understand how to get it on here , i dont know what an URL is or where i would find it …can you help please

I’ve never upload to YouTube before, but I’ll guess it has some kind of sharing button that will allow you to copy a link.

If so, you’ll need to copy that link from youtube and paste it in to your new topic.

I think i’ve just done that …thanks you’ve made an old man very happy …Alan