Uploading Videos / Photos

How do I upload my video on here ?

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50MB or less - you can just upload them here (drag them to the window on computer, use the upload button (bottom right) on mobile).

Over to 50MB, upload to YouTube or Vimeo and paste the URL here, on its own line.

It would be nice when you do upload that you include your settings so that others may learn.

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Complete lost on this. First video on imovie in iPad mini4. But can’t follow your instructions. I have down loaded on to photos but now stuck. Sorry to be a it dumb but I have to admit that big learning curve for me as I am really new to the computer game. Only 74. Still I will get there in then end. Clearly missed out travelling the would.
Regards Dave

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You’ll probably find the YouTube route easier, in that case.

Many thanks but will leave it as I am not happy with YouTube allowing my details to be available to all. Still will enjoy looking at other members video and comments.regards

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Then I’d go the Vimeo route.

The 50MB limit for uploads to here will only allow very short and/or very low resolution videos - so far from ideal for quality video footage.

(YT have never released any of my details.)

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Thanks for your reply. No ideas what you are talking about. So best just forget I asked. Would have thought more help would have been given. Still I should have expected no real help would be forthcoming as people who are into computing have no time for helping people like myself who have missed this . Never had electricity in the jungle or desert but it was more fun than looking at a computer. Best of luck from a very disappointed guy who thought he had found a new hobby but sadly it seems expert members aa didn’t have time to pass on their knowledge.

Dave @Moody31
Where are you based?
I’m sure there will be someone near to you that can help out with this.

Cheers Mick. I live near Taunton Somerset. Shall not give up. Will find away as I have over many things through life as I am sure you have. Just gets me as everyone seems not interested once you say don’t understand no matter what the subject.
Regards Dave

Sent you a private message (pm) Dave @Moody31

Hi guys,
I’m completely new to drone flying but after just three flights I’m completely hooked. I know you guys would say practice, practice and more practice so that’s what I intend to do, weather permitting that is. I’m also new to uploading stuff to forums like this so could you give me some guidance please. When I’ve got some decent stills and video footage how would I go about posting them on here. I’ve tried cut and paste with stills but with no joy. I use iPad and MacBook Air by the way.
Cheers. Baz

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Moved your post to an identical thread. Shout if it doesn’t solve things.

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stills can be uploaded straight to the forum as for video probably best getting a youtube chanel up and running stills you upload by clicking the icon in the editor with the pointing upward arrows and if its a youtube link simply get the share link from below the video and paste it straight in !

From your iPad @Beejay hit this button:

From your Mac just do as @OzoneVibe said above :+1:t2:

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… and this button on Android:

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Many thanks guys :+1:

Should I upload any particular size guys. Sorry to be a pain

The forum supports attachments up to 50MB so you should be fine.

As mentioned by others in this thread, if you want to share a video you should upload it to Vimeo or YouTube first, then just copy/paste the link to the video.

Will do. Thanks fella