Uploading Video's to Facebook/ Youtube

Hi Guys (you knowledgeable ones) I have just finished my very first ever video and I have some questions regarding how to show it off to me friends.

It is fast approaching the 4th anniversary of my brothers passing RIP way too early at 45, and I would like to dedicate this video to him as I shot it all in Hertford, a part of the world that he lived and loved so much, and even the fact that it had a canal with Barges (his midlife crisis was to sell his house and buy a barge!).

The video is just over 4 minutes long and therefore quite a large file and the music is royalty based but I think if its just for my friends to listen too even if I put it on my private folder on YouTube etc is it ok.

What’s the best way of uploading this can I do it straight to Facebook or do I have to put a link to YouTube etc.
Video editing was done on Davinci Resolve 16 and yes you can all have a laugh at it when I upload it here, as its my first time as a trainee Drone Pilot and Video editor. I have learned a lot doing it so next one will be easier and better quality but I am happy with my first effort.

Thanks for taking the time to read this drone let me know your much valued thoughts.
Cheers Dave


You can do either … FB may have an upload limit but I don’t know. However, due to quality ** reasons I’d put it onto YT and then share the link with only those you want to.

** FB will compress the £$%^& out of it and it will likely end up not looking like that which you created.

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Far better to post to YouTube (or, for quality, Vimeo :+1:) and post the YT/Vimeo URL in your posts here ( … and in FB if you wish to share it with people there).

FB quality is pants. Also, a lot of people… “just don’t do FB” … so will never see it. :man_shrugging:

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Thanks I take your point re FB but most who knew my brother etc will see it on there or via link to YT.

Will I be ok with the audio track?



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Hi Dave,

I’ve stuck a few videos up on Youtube lately - I’ve found that the quality issue goes away if you convert it 4K and upload it,

(my original files are either Lo-res 640x480 from my FPV goggles or 1080p from my onboard DVR recorder on my FPV quad) -

YT then sees it as 4K and the streamed quality is much better. What is the resolution of your completed video?

(I’m also playing around with Davinci Resolve 16 - I’m liking it so far)

I have a video on YouTube that uses the Benny Hill theme, (don’t ask :man_facepalming:), Youtube just noted that it was Copyright and as my channel is not monetised I can use it - so - you should be ok :+1:

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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Great advice from all of you thank you so much

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I can’t get my video to load to YT it keeps failing but no reason given on why it’s failing not sure what to do now

Ah, computers! Is there a specific error message? One suggestion would be to try using a different internet browser - if you’re uploading on Internet Explorer or Edge, try Google Chrome instead.

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No just says upload failed If I right click on this all I get is reveal in media storage or open file location/ clear render status or start upload

just changed to Google Chrome and it failed again just noticed a small yellow Triangle at bottom left next to home symbol it had a ! in middle this is what it said when I opened it MediaOut1 cannot get Parameter for Input at time 126 any idea what I do now?

Did you get that error on YouTube website or in resolve when rendering?

In Resolve at the end of rendering I have ipvanish so I’m trying again with that off see if it makes a difference with upload spread I’m new to all this uploaded one in filmora that worked easily so not sure if I’m doing something wrong in DR

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So you are uploading to YouTube through Resolve?

Have you tried exporting a standard H.264 MP4 file then uploading directly to YouTube website?

I have got a copy of the video on my pc saved out of Resolve do you mean upload that to YT I have just tried with ipvanish off and it has told me it failed due to one of the clips which is one I could not get to clean up as good as I wanted it so will need to go back see what I can do with it

Yes, go to YT website and upload the video directly.


Ok I’ll try that cheers for all your help I’ll keep you updated

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It worked thank you


Great :+1:

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Thank you so much you guys on this site are just so welcoming friendly and helpful thanks again I’ll put a copy of my very first proper flight and video on here so you can all steer me in my development direction :joy:


Yeah - Over the years, video editors that are meant to upload to YT, Vimeo, etc., have had so many mixed results I gave up using them for that a long time ago.
As @callum said, export locally and them upload to wherever … never failed that way.