Upper Lough Erne

This is my daughters land and old house and sheds on the Upper Lough Erne where they plan to build. She asked for pictures before changes, many years ago this would have been part of Crom estate.



Outstanding shots, @ziceman and a superb reminder of how a site looked before any changes. Very impressed by the framed photos. Did the pics lose any detail at that size?


Impressive stuff :+1:

So is the plan to do a “before and after” ?

Thanks it’s a learning process and if i done the shoot again I would have done things different. Probably be a few years as electric to old house will be £20,000+ and the cost of water piped as well unbelievable with all that water around the farm lol

I did have few problems getting Wide angle and Depth of Field as I wanted to get a steel bridge in the background, if I do the picture again I would try to get the lake going around on the right side but going further out or higher was losing focal points I wanted.

If you want to frame a picture, aspect ratios is important, if you buy a frame of the shelf you need to work on resizing problems like squishing stretching or distorting, best results is to get a custom-made frame as your doing resizing equal and not look stretched.


Is there a “now” to go with this “before”?