Urbino, Italy

Frame grab from a video that I’ll post when I have decent data. Amazing place.


Nice picture.
I am planning to take my M2P to Italy in August and drive around once there to fly it.
Have you encountered any issues there?

No, but I’ve not flown a lot here and from quiet areas. Same as anywhere really - avoid busy areas. If you’re driving out into the countryside you shouldn’t have a problem.

Note the default altitude limit is only 70m.

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I had three months driving all around Italy without any issue - if you ignore the one policeman.

But he was more eager for me to take some pics of his house than stop me flying. :wink:


Thank you

Thanks. I hope that it will go well

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looking great Colin !, be over there in few days !.
Enjoy yourself !

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Video now up. Urbino, Italy (video)