Urge to fly faster!

Recently while out with the Mavic getting an urge to fly faster and take more risks.

Usually run through my last battery in sport mode flying low, around objects and just general messing around.

Had a few near misses and I can feel the day is coming where I’m going to smash it into something and it’s not the cheapest drone to be repairing.

I think I need something for simply fun.

Looking at maybe picking up a used racing quad and TX on ebay.

Anyone else get these urges to fly faster? What do you do for your drone adrenaline fix?


I have always felt like flying faster… Coming from RC days I built a “Miras” basically a wingsection and a small box section fuselage… hand launched, with a pico engine and tuned pipe, im pretty sure the thing did over a 100mph…lol, top of the wings painted white and bottom black… but still got disorientated now and then… sticky moments when you “pull back on the stick” for it to go up or down and the thing came screaming towards you… Still good fun tho…

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I got the DJI refresh plan when I got my MP so when I’m on that last battery in sport mode I just think “meh, it’s £70 something quid for a new one…”

Dangerous thinking though :joy:

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Dangerous thinking indeed.

I do have refresh as well now you mention it but would be worried the new one didn’t fly as well or came locked to a newer firmware or something.

Have you tried tweaking max speeds via the Dumldore modded firmware?

Yep got speed and attitude boost via NLD.

I’m flying in sport mode LOS and it’s just too damn stable trying to do fast banked turns etc.

Love the MP for photos and videos and that’s where it shines.

Have the disco for modding, waypoints and crazy long flights.

Think I need something fast now. Acro mode, always on edge, crashing and learning along the way.

Get yourself an old secondhand/cheap P2 and fly in full manual.

Stable it isn’t! :stuck_out_tongue:

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I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve used sport mode on my MP…

Yeah, you definitely need a racing drone mate :smiley:


Really? I use it most flights to get to where I want the MP to be and then fly it back after pics/video are all done.

Yup, straight up! I have literally used Sport Mode on my Mavic Pro less than five times. Ever :blush:

The most recent time, a month or so ago, was just due to battling high winds on the return journey :man_shrugging:

And with that in mind, you probably won’t see me buying a racing drone any time soon :rofl:


I’ve been looking into getting a racing drone, I almost always fly 1 battery in sport mode with my Ma… But if I get a racing drone then I’ll want a fpv set up to go along with it and I guess its going to all add up to be something quite pricey

Yeah it adds up.

My thinking is I can get used one with TX for around £150-200 on ebay.

Fly it LOS for a bit and then can get a pair of fatsharks or something at a later date.

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Caved in.

Bought something on ebay. Not entiry sure what I’ve bought but should get me started/tinkering.



LOL :rofl:

You lasted all of 23 minutes between those two messages :grinning:

And I thought I was bad!

Good job Callum :slight_smile:

When I get something stuck in my head I can’t rest until I buy the thing lol.

I used to go through the whole will I? Won’t I? For weeks on end.

Off to google now to see what I’ve bought.


I bought a racing wing and quad just so I can prove to myself just how slow my brain and reactions are these days.
I never crash though, just unexpected landings with the inevitable crisscrossing of the large green landing pad.
I have been known to throw my Mavic into panic mode when I get the urge. Apparently it clears the valves of soot although I’m not sure :thinking:
So here is a selfie picture of my racing quad showing off to the Mavic that it gets low and dirty with the sheep. I eves drop the hanger a lot and some of the boast stories I hear, well the racing quad was saying to the Mavic that she has me trained to walk all over the field at her whim and the Mavic said that he has me thinking of my wallet all the time I’m in the Air.


Unexpected landings, I’m expecting a fair few of those.

Do you fly the racing drone fpv?

Yes I fly it FPV, otherwise I can’t see it well when it’s more than 10-20 feet away LOS. I’m hoping to feed it grass this weekend.


I take it they are quite durable then lol.

I’ll need to get a load of props when it arrives.

I’ve smacked mine from 30 feetish hard and it just said “bring it on” baby! I yet to break a prop so this lot may last me a while. I bought the quad and props from Banggood.