Urge to fly faster!


I will not be tempted!
I will not be tempted!
I will not be tempted!


There is an offer on Banggood for my one which is the HGLRC-145mm, if you have a Taranis TX grab a XM+ receiver.
I’ve done my bit of tempting you :face_with_hand_over_mouth:



I think I need to keep the pennies until the MP2 is released to decide if I’ll spend a few months living on bread and water whilst I save for one. :wink:


I get the urge to fly faster so flick the switch for sport mode then sensibly my head says flick it the other way lol! I’m new to flying drones so like you I think a mavic pro is a lot of cash to smash! I have fun on my bike when I’ve had any urges to go fast and I’m better on it lol! Well at the moment :+1:


I HAD an eMax Nighthawk 280 until last week. I got it for Xmas 2016 thinking I’d have loads of fun with it. Long story short, flew it straight into a tree on it’s maiden flight and broke the props and it sat in the spare room until last week. I even bought some FPV googles last year sometime with the intention of getting it back in the air. Well that day finally arrived last week, having gotten the drone bug again with the MA. Quick flight test and I’ll spare details but I lost it :sob: Looked everywhere it could have crashed but no sign of it

So, I bought a Wizard x220 RTF from Bang Good over the weekend and I can’t wait for it to arrive and get my speed fix :grinning:


I’ve been using velocidrone on PC for last few days practicing.
I’m not going to fly until I’m used to rate mode again.

Was tempted to just fly it angle mode but kind of defeats the purpose.

Really happy with velocidrone. You can setup PID and rates on a screen almost identical to betaflight.
I’m new to this so good practice being able to make adjustments and see how it reacts without flying/crashing.


Well I couldn’t resist a quick try in garden.

Hovered around and tried punching the throttle. Astounded how high it ended up in, I struggled to bring it back in. It’s bloody fast.

Got a bit cocky and it started drifting, overcorrected and it took off other way in blink of an eye and hit house.

No damage but think I’ll need to wait for a more open space.


Had I been a betting man …. :wink:
Actually, the odds would have been appalling! LOL!

Forget the props, how’s the house? :stuck_out_tongue:


Which model is that? What was the price?
Not that I’m tempted!


It’s a custom build. Bidding ended at £112. Didn’t want to spend that but you know what it’s like. Came with the evolution which suits me as nice and compact for backpack.

These were the specs although were actually 30amp escs.

Lumenier Qav Xs with Pod (stretched X)
matek f405 osd flight controller
foxeer camera
200mW vtx
flysky x6b receiver.
DYS Brushless Motors 2206 2700KV
20amp escs
4s 1200mah battery
battery strap
matek powerboard
Velcro strap for gopro


I’ve only got 2 1300mah 4s batteries.

Wondering if I could strap a 3s 4000mah on it just for practicing LOS.

Anyone know?



Imagine if that was the MP?

You’d be facing a bill of about £600 quid!!!

Tough little machine, I’m impressed :+1:


Yeah easily. It hit house spun 90deg and scraped down wall with the props going. Took me a few seconds to realise I had to disarm it.

Mavic would have been absolutely wrecked for sure.

Think I need to turn down the rates, it’s obviously setup for someone who can actually fly it. :rofl:


I see yours is hard core eating your house like that…:sunglasses:


Took a look at the setup on betaflight and it’s already been tamed. Think im just rubbish at flying :pensive:


Quite a few crashes today. Got some FPV goggles as well.

Definitely not for people who like to keep their toys nice and shiny.

Just need to work up to flying as fast as with Mavic lol.


And that’s not even Sport mode! :stuck_out_tongue:


Perhaps the thread title should be changed to “Urge to fly more expensively!”?


Give it a week and it might be “Urge to fly more leisurely”. :tired_face:


Having only ever owned Mavic Pros, I just can’t get my head around statements like this :smiley:

It doesn’t compute… :slight_smile: