Urge to fly faster!


Lol. I can understand the thinking with Mavic being so expensive, fragile and uncrashable.

You never had one of those toy drones you can smack into a wall, pick up then fly again? It’s just like that except bigger, faster and no self level.



Good day today.

Flew through 2 batteries (about 10 mins) and had a few bounces but no crashes.

I seem to be struggling most with maintaining altitude above ground but finding faster you go the easier it is.



Sounds like you’re getting there, I also found altitude to be all over the place so I stiffened the throttle stick a little bit which helped.


Even with my Cheerson micro, sat in the lounge, fixing the altitude is almost trickier than horizontal position. The ceiling was hit pretty hard a lot of times in my early days.


Bought a gopro session 5 from argos in anticipation of the race drone build that’s going to happen… :roll_eyes:


And it’s dead :disappointed:

OSD was disconnected and my attempts to set it up have fried the FC.

Looks like there was a build up of solder under the +5v terminal and like an idiot I desoldered with board at an angle. Looks like solder has rolled down into ribbon cable connector legs.

New FC on way and hopefully back flying again soon.




As in, you committed dronicide! #ShameOnYou! :stuck_out_tongue:


Yep totally self inflicted.

Pretty mad with myself but the fact you can get a new flight controller for less than £30 with Amazon prime softens the blow.


I had a self-inflicted (totally stupid!!) disaster with a second-hand washing machine that cost twice as much to fix as it cost to buy. LOL!


That’s a bit cheaper than a £300+ Mavic Pro controller :blush:


“Who let the smoke out” who,who?
Sorry to hear of your mishap :slightly_frowning_face:


Back in business, well almost.

New FC arrived. The ribbon connector I thought I dropped solder on is the same on new one, looks like centre pins are bridged by design. At a loss what went wrong with old one.

Going to get it setup and installed later.


Decided I might as well replace the PDB while I’m at it.
Found Matek make a version of the FChub-6s with a built in 500mw VTX. Waiting for that to arrive as will free up some space in top of race pod.

Can’t wait to get flying again.


Back in the air!

Spent the morning soldering in and setting up new PDB/VTX combo and FC.

Not sure why they put the antenna connector on side, had to cut out the race pod and route to top.

Very tight but everything fitted in. Came with a low ESR capacitor but no room for it, will just need to do without.

Flys great and OSD working.

Back to practicing.


Saves the antenna when you are practicing upside down landings :skull_and_crossbones:

I’m hoping to get a flight in tomorrow too if it’s not raining.


Hoping to get out as well. Going to find a field

Any recommendation for a directional patch antenna for fpv Goggles?


Which goggles have got?


Aomway commander V1.

They have diversity receivers and a patch but most reviews said to replace it.


I have the Fatsharks so don’t know for those ones, have a look at painless360 reviews he may have done something on yours.