USB-C connectors on MA2

Hi, I’m thinking about buying the above but I’m worried about the connector for phone/Control unit being correct - mine DON’T fit ‘either way’ round as the -C does. Are there any issues or does DJI take this into consideration?

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Hey Simon the MA2 controller comes with 3 connector leads. All have a USB-C connector at the controller end and at the phone end you have the option of USB-C, Micro USB and iPhone lightning connectors.


Micro USB

Iphone lightning

Hope this is of help

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Hi Simon,
Spare connector leads are widely available and relatively inexpensive, though I would recommend buying reasonable quality ones with chunky cable and good plug to cable joints. Poundshop cables are fine for occasional phone charging but I had big issues with video disconnection using them on my Mavic - May have been the phones fault and nothing to do with the cable but I’d rather not risk it happening and if a decent cable helps I’d rather spend a few quid more.
May be worth mentioning that side-on cables (angled to plug) are supplied by dji as they fit the controller easier but straight connectors will fit if positioned correctly.


Thanks a bunch, SirGunner and Soxer! That’s put my mind at rest :smiley:

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