Usb cable for mavic pro

im currently having a few disconnections with my mavic pro to my Samsung s7. im using the usb to mini usb cable as i dont have the mini to mini cable. does anyone else have problems connecting this way?

Normally, because the RC end’s USB-A socket is more robust, most people have reported finding it more reliable.

There is also chance that the micro USB on the S7 is getting a little old and starting to cause issues?


Use the full size usb is far better. And stronger

That’s the one he is using. :wink:

ty guys, ill try and get a better quality cable, any recommendations ?

Google “Anker”, they do good selection and good quality.


If it’s the phone socket that’s causing problems, even an Anker won’t solve the issue … as much as I swear by them myself.

So many people only ever use their phone’s socket for charging … until they get a drone. And I had a Samsung SGS5 that had to go back (within warranty) because a faulty socket prevented even that.

There’s a data speed/quality needed for these gadgets of ours. In fact, I’d even wonder if the S7 is of an age that it might be starting to struggle even if it’s in fine fettle?
My much cheaper drone-dedicated-phone is of a similar age, and it’s fine. But that might be because it is dedicated and has only a few support apps installed.

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I do this too, have my old iPhone 6S with everything deleted other than the DJI apps - never have a problem, as the charge socket is only used infrequently. I also have an iPad mini4 - again dedicated to drone flying so not encumbered with irrelevant apps. Both hold charge really well and no physical issues regarding cables etc. I do believe using your daily phone is asking for issues as it is on the go 24/7 and probably needs charging every day. Its why I wish there was a dedicated DJI screen like with the Pro 2.