Using Dji Rc pro with Dji virtual fpv app

Hi all, don’t know whether this has been brought up before, I have had a search, and don’t know whether it’s in the right department either :crazy_face:.
Anyways, for those of you who own an RC pro, I don’t know whether your onto the fact you can use Dji Virtual fpv. Works great! Loosen off your left stick via the screw on the reverse of the controller, so the stick goes limp, and your off an running👍.
I downloaded the app from Dji’s site onto me android phone, transferred it over to the rc, you can obviously d/l it straight to the RC, it’s just the way I did it.
The one downside, it’s exactly what Ian from Mads tech had a little rant about the other night, compatability,
the goggles 2 aren’t compatible yet (I believe they will eventually :crossed_fingers:) with the RC pro, and Dji are tw@ts for not making them so,yet, because they want to sell billions of controller 2s before they do(my rant over with​:rofl:).
It’s an half decent Sim and runs ok, seems to give you the gist of manual mode ok.
This is just my solution to not actually owning a controller 2 to use manual. Gotta borrow the mates :thinking:

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