Using Drone Assist Et Al

I have flown a few times recently using drone assist app and had no other activity show up and literally within two minutes of landing from ( on the most notable occasion 289 feet) had two RAF Typhoons pass at between 100-200 feet. I was terrified (even though I was on the ground) as there were no warnings and I’d logged my flights. Has anyone else had something like this?

Had tornados pass a few times in past but not whilst flying drone. Scared the shit out me.

MOD don’t always announce low flying if it is in one of their LFAs where they are cleared to 250ft AGL.

You also have the three tactical training areas where cleared to 100ft AGL when active.

  • LFA 7(T): central Wales
  • LFA 14(T): northern Scotland
  • LFA 20(T): the borders area of southern Scotland and northern England

Here’s the timetable for the 3 TTA areas.

MOD TTA timetable.

There is a phone number you can call and if possible, they will give you the schedule for the day at your location if within an LFA.

Low level advisory service
Telephone: 0800 515544

Low flying information for England, Wales and Scotland
Telephone: 01780 417558

Where were you flying?


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Thanks for the info! I was flying in Borrowdale

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That is LFA17

Aircraft are cleared down to 250ft.

It’s not a tactical training area but does seem to be a busy low level route.

I’d probably call the advisory line next time.