Using LUT's

Anyone use a LUT when working on a video?

If you do which one do you use and what camera settings do you find best?

I’ve been trying out the Icarus LUTs

Just about to post a video, my first real video with the Mavic, so it is probably not going to be up to the standard I want to be at, but the LUTs work fine.

You get a pack of LUTs for both D-Log and D-Cinelike

Settings wise, they advise +1 Sharpness -1 contrast and 0 saturation.

Here’s a link if interest. They are quite cheaply priced for what you get too.

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They are the ones I have been looking at, also got the free ones from Ground Control

Just bought these and downloaded all of them.

Which ones are you use? I assume it’s the ones in the 2.2 update.

They are all very good, depends on the mood you want.

Most used is probably Film Contrast 2 though - Set camera on D-Log +1 -1 0

Can use D-Cinelike too, but haven’t tested Cinelike yet.

Another great tool for FCPX / Premiere Pro is Red Giant’s Colorista IV

Check out the Free Trial

There is a guided colour grade button you can press and it gets you very close to final colour after following it’s really helpful steps.

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Every time I google LUTS all I get is page after page of details about Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms :blush:

That’s a whole other topic :rofl:

It would seem I still have much to learn!


Sorry for dragging this one back up…I started using LUTS a while ago, and initially used the Heron free ones. But the Icarus ones seem highly recommended, so I bought those.

I have found them not to be much use to be honest. I have set the camera up at +1, -1, 0 but things jsut dont look right with any of the LUTS.

With fw upgrades on the mavinc, is anyone using any different camera settings now with these LUTs?
My last video, I ditched the LUT and did it manually and was quite pleased with the result.

With the Icarus LUTS, there was a definite flicker/pulsating of the image and looked horrible.

Heres the one I edited manually.

And here is a different vid that I used with an Icarus LUT

Doing it manually is fine, if you find a look you like, create your own lut and it saves time doing multiple clips.

A lot of luts are aimed to be accurate and natural in colour. Some people don’t like this style and prefer it more vivid and saturated.
It’s the same with TV’s. I had one calibrated but eventually realised I prefer it less realistic and more vivid. It’s what I’ve became used to over the years.

I wouldn’t have though a LUT would cause the flicker, maybe it made it more noticible though as it’s a bit darker.

I still use Icarus luts. I think they benefit with more light getting to the sensor. I try to shoot +1,-1,-0 and slightly higher exposure. Then use ETTR + saturation.

I’m happy enough with the results, at least for now.
I’m still learning as I go.


Thanks Callum, will give that a try next time

Just to add…I didn’t realise how easy it is to create a lut in davinci…so, I’ve saved one from the last vid I created and called it sunny, so if we do get another sunny day, I’ll try it out …

You might be waiting a while :grin:

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It was a lovely day, today! Walked 20 miles to, around, and back from Southampton. :wink:

Oh - you live north of the M4 … yeah … :stuck_out_tongue:

I use Peter McKinnon’s LUTS all the time for quick work, but for anything that I want to look really good I wouldn’t bother throwing LUTS at it.

Especially if you’ve shot in D-LOG, you’re essentially just throwing away all that extra information you’ve collected and plastering someone else’s colour profile on there.

When the footage is worth it, I just do good old manual colour correction - can’t beat it!

(I’m speaking mainly from experience in shooting other film in C-LOG, but same goes for D-LOG)

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