Using mobile phone on controller

I’m using my huawei p30 on my mavic air controller, if any call came to the phone would it cause any problems with the drone?

It will minimise the app but wont affect the drone, it will hover and wait.

Might be better to put airplane mode on if you dont want distractions.

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I usually use a dedicated phone … no SIM and in airplane mode … belt and braces.

When I do use my phone-phone the first thing I do is put it into airplane mode.

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OK thanks for replying back to me

So airplane mode won’t affect the drone when in flight

Absolutely not, when using the Remote Control.

Obviously the WiFi connecting method wouldn’t work.

I’m like Dave, always use a separate phone, no Card, disabled apps.
Just used for the drone

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The same. I use the phone from before the one I’m using now. No more hand-me-downs to relatives.
They have to wait until the drone has finished with it.


I use my normal phone and 99% of the time forget to put it in airplane mode.

It helps being in Norfolk where mobile signal is about as common as Bigfoot…


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