Using some Anti Gravity Magic?

Nothing to do with drones But RC Helis… I used to fly RC helis like 20 years ago. Gave the hobby up just to dam expensive as I always crashed, and my skill level was no where near these guys…Still enjoy watching Helis…

Watch this flight Flight starts at 0:40… Awesome and truly gravity defying

Watch at 4:00. inverted touching the ground…


Baffles the hell out of me, how a helicopter can do that! :exploding_head: insane! Great share :ok_hand:

Amazing skill!!

There are a few good ones out there, this bloke is good, even some grass cutting from 6.40 :smile:

I used to fly RC helis not to that extent but your right its very expensive.

It doesn’t look real, it looks like a sort of video made in the 80s with bad graphics lol

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