Using somebody else's Mavic Mini

I have built and fly (very badly) an FPV 5" quad. I have just found my son’s Mavic Mini and am charging it to give it a go. I thought I’d have a read about how it all works while I’m waiting for it to charge up, and notice it talks about registering the device with DJI once it is powered up.

I have created my own account, but want to know if it will register correctly, or will it tell me it is already registered to somebody else?

This :point_up:

He will need to deregister from his DJI account, before anyone else can register it.

@Droningtony I’ve moved your post to the #questions-and-answers category because, well, you know :blush:

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That makes sense. Can I log into my DJI Fly app with his details as an alternative? Either way it doesn’t really matter as I can’t get hold of him until tomorrow, and I wanted to try it out NOW! :smiley:

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Yes, if you have his details (and permission :wink: ) … I don’t see why not.

Sorry PingSpike, just getting used to the different catagories.


No worries man, it’s bit of a minefield!

Just an update to complete the thread.

In the end I didn’t have to register the drone, it let me take off anyway. But I guess if I’d asked the right question I’d have got the proper answer I was looking for! :smiley: :grinning: :grinning:

Did it let you fly further than 50m out / 30m high?

I’m guessing DJI still cap that? :thinking: :person_shrugging:t2:

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Ooh, I haven’t tried that yet. I just used it in my small back garden. I’m off to the park tomorrow so I can report back then.

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Any luck @Droningtony ?

Sort of. I took it out yesterday and it went to a maximum of 15 metres high. I assumed this was the limits you were referring to, but when I got home I found the App page where you set such items was at 15 metres. I adjusted the value to 120 metres and was going out today but it rained :frowning:
Where I was flying was also too small to check the maximum distance, so I need to try that at some point too
One thing I will say, is that I can’t believe how easy it is to fly compared to my Self build FPV!

You’ll need to take it above 30m high or further than 50m out to see if the DJI-enforced restriction kicks in.