Using Vimeo at 1080p (H265 video codec)

I’ve rendered this video out to Vimeo at 1080p using the H265 codec at
32 Mbps although it was shot using the H264 codec I think it keeps really good video quality for the web.


Vimeo is far superior on quality than YT - that’s a given.

But - you have inadvertently raised an interesting point. If you uploaded H.265 to Vimeo … what do they actually do with it?

My laptop will not play H.265 - but this plays perfectly. So what I’m watching isn’t being streamed to me as H.265.

(Edit: Only tried playing 4k H.265 on my laptop - this is 1080 - that might be the difference? I need to tinker with things.)

Usually I render in 4k but found depending on the device they are being watched on and the internet connection it is reduced to a lower resolution automatically and doesn’t look good at all but with these settings it seems to look OK on the phone or the big screen.
any other suggestions for sharing and keeping quality would be appreciated.

Interesting Terry, wonder if they render them to there own format anyway. I will download the video from Vimeo and check the properties of the download.

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It might be that their auto streaming settings are sending me 1080 H.265 … so I’m also just Handbraking some 4k down to 1080 to see if it plays OK.

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I guess they also keep the original - even if they don’t stream that? So what you may download may still be H.265.

Bloody bag of worms this video codec world … about time they simplified.

Agreed so many different formats, even DJI seem to have there own format because I have read emails that people have wrote to Lumafusion and reply’s from Lumafusion talking about fixing issues to support DJI video codec better.

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VLC plays the 1080 H.265 … with an initial, brief, WTF green-screen … whereas the 4k it totally freezes on the green-screen.

Actually - I should d/l the latest VLC … :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: No change with latest version of VLC.

I always shoot in 264 because it is easier to edit but render out in 265 because it reduces the bit rate by a lot and so reduces the size of the video and makes it faster to stream.

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I downloaded the video back from Vimeo and it gave me choices of which size 1080p or 720p and so on but the video I downloaded is back to 264

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Useful to know.
Kind of expected.

But - still means a slightly smaller file to upload … followed by a longer “processing” time by them, probably? … although I believe they use something a little more gutsy than my laptop. :wink:

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Some useful info here.

Vimeo encode all uploads to H.264


Cheers Callum :+1:

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No that’s what I call a quality 4K video. Excellent job. No sure about the lightning? Was that post production. Great work.

See …

What LumaFusion can do

… and …

My final edit joy of Thunderstorm over Sprotbrough Falls

Thanks Paul, yes the lightening was done in post. I’ve been trying out some tricks using LumaFusion. I’ve re-edited it again now and added some rain and even got the Mrs to do a dance on the video​:joy::joy::joy:

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Ha ha, the misses will get wet out there, and I bet those shoes were uncomfortable on that tree!! Great work Frank

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Cheers Paul :joy: