What LumaFusion can do

I use LumaFusion to edit all my videos so when I was doodling with a few clips I made a short video showing what can be done with LumaFusion. Although Emly moor mast was in the original clip you could hardly see it as it was so far in the distance so I added a image of the mast into the clip and using key frames kept the image in position on the clip. I then added lightening using a transparent image of a lightening strike and making it appear to flash. The video is best watched in 4K.



Liking that mate, that’s all tablet based or PC? :thinking:

I use iPad Pro Steve, I don’t think LumaFusion can be installed on pc.

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Ah nice, interesting.
A how to guide would be very popular on here and YouTube using screen recordings.
Showing us (me) :grimacing: how this was done :ok_hand:

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I will have a go and see if I can put one together Steve :+1:


Perfect, that would be great.

A new thread in videos I reckon with this sort of thing would be ace.



Thats really impressive @Frank
I’ve downloaded LumaFusion to my iPad Pro, but struggling to get to grips with it.
Will give it another try.

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I’ve just put some files together to try and make a video demo. If you like because you have LumaFusion I could send you the finished project so you can open it in LumaFusion and see how it is done.

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I have uploaded a LumaFusion project file to google drive so if you have LumaFusion on your iPad you can download the project including the original footage and open it in LumaFusion and see how it is done.

To download the project file click on the 3 dots in top right corner and select open in and select LumaFusion.

This is the link to the LumaFusion project file. On google drive.


This is a link to the file on iCloud

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Cheers for that @Frank
Will have a good look at it

The project file I’ve uploaded is not the original from the first video as I’d already deleted it to make space on my iPad but it is everything needed and the mast size etc needs tweaking to look right.

I’m going to try and set up my camera over my iPad and make a video so you can see what I click on instead of just a screen recording.

Nice edit, can you get it for android as well?

As far as I know it’s only on iOS I’m afraid.

This is another version I’ve done using the project I uploaded.

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Excellent @Frank, I have downloaded to have a look at the project. I love LumaFusion it’s a great product.

Just purchased Lumafusion, using IMovie so looking forward to a bit more options. Nice video

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Great, the project file I uploaded needs the mast making smaller and key frames need tweaking to stop the mast moving on the landscape etc. But you can do that with the files in the project.

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Thanks @Frank it’s a good practice piece for me. Not used the key frames before but your video has given me a few ideas!


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Thank you. I’m no expert but I know LumaFusion quite well so feel free to ask if have any questions.


Thanks for that.

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