Venice drone flights?

I’ve just been put into the GeoZones map on the DJI Go app by the very helpful @Brian.

I’m going to Venice, Italy (yes, THAT Venice!) after Xmas. The GeoZone map doesn’t ID any NFZ except the airport

Anyone know whether flying is allowed there?

I’ve no idea if it’s allowed there, but I’ve been to Venice a few times (not since flying drones, admittedly) and it’s somewhere I can’t imagine I’d want to try and fly.

What isn’t water is pretty much always chock-a-block with people - and the bits that are water are very busy with boats and gondolas … and hence people.

Italy gets a bit twitchy about its many UNESCO world heritage locations - and, without checking, I can’t imagine Venice isn’t one.

I’ll be interested find out what you discover, though - and what you experience flying there is if you discover that you can.


This thread suggests (by an Italian) that a permit is needed. Rather as I anticipated.

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Beat me to it Dave, had just copied that to paste in here :rofl:

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Thanks guys… will check out the links!

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The reason I asked is that I’m going on a photography workshop in January when it will be very quiet on the dawn shoots and I was hoping to get some drone shots. I’ve been there a few times when it’s been busy, but early morning in early January I expect it to be almost empty (and cold!) But no worries…I can see it’s not allowed, so I will leave M2P at home.
This page also seems helpful:

Thanks again.

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