Very near miss


Hells bells…flying my MP2 at 196ft and a light aircraft went UNDER it at 100 feet. It appeared that he had engine trouble and was coming in for an emergency landing, at the last minute his engine started and away he went…but it was very close.
Met another pilot flying his MP and he saw what happened.


PFLWOP …. Practice Forced Landing Without Power


And you didn’t film it?! :scream:

Those damned aircraft pilots! They should be banned! :rofl:


It was a daft place to practice it, if he was, plenty of telegraph poles, wires and Sunday strollers.


I was too stunned to be honest. I’d literally just got to my height and I heard a strange noise, and this aeroplane appeared behind me, just above me but below my MP2, so my immediate reaction was to high-tail it away from any danger.


You won’t get a chance to get that shot again :joy:

…hopefully :wink: