Very quick clip

So I did my first commercial job yesterday. A promotional video for a scooter company.
It’s now got to go to editing but love this bit so cut it down to put on here. I had the drone hovering at just under 6’ for this. enjoy.


Lol… If he’d hit a pebble in the road, I think you may have lost your drone to a high speed headbutt :rofl:

It was tightly choreographed. 4 lower speed passes to check clearances with rider positions and the sections of road used were checked for debris and hazards to the rider. Oh and my thumb was ready to hit the throttle.:grin:


You can see the wind resistance effect on the drone as he passes under it.

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I could tell you must have done a few runs… Works really well… Great job :+1:

So here’s a lot more of the video that I am now allowed to share. Mostly done with active track.

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@PingSpike Rich do I get an active track badge for this. :pray::pray: