Viaduct Bridge


Nice viaduct @Skyla! Where is this?

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Harringworth, I’d reckon?

Yes Harringworth but i done a flight plan the day before, as there is a small airfield close by.

The longest viaduct on the UK. :ok_hand:

Nope - the Tay Bridge is the longest railway viaduct, and Bromford Viaduct the longest road viaduct. Both are far longer than this one.

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The Tay Bridge is a … bridge. :stuck_out_tongue:

OK - if we’re getting picky - the one at Harringworth is the longest masonry viaduct in the UK.
So the longest “proper” viaduct.
Modern stuff gets ignored. :laughing:


Now I’ll have to go googling again … :face_with_monocle:

Several of the railway viaducts in London are probably longer e.g. Kingsland Viaduct in Hackney …

A fine photo and finer bit of Victorian engineering.

Thank you for the kind reply.

looks a good one! Nice picture!