Video/photo editing website?

What is the best video/photo editing website?

Website? As in, upload a video and edit it in your browser?

Yes, Unless there’s a good App for an Apple Mac book pro?

There’s an active thread on that subject already, the question is asked on a weekly basis, check it out: Which video editing software

Coming back to the web site thing then, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a web site that allows you to edit video, interesting stuff!

Which website editing suites have you already tried?

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Start with iMovie it’s free and made by Apple for you :wink:


But the good stuff isn’t free.

But if you’ve got a shiny MacBook Pro. iMovie is a good place to start and should be preinstalled on your device.

Photopea is good for images. A clone of Photoshop that runs in a browser. Very clever stuff.

Cheers - Rob


Yes it is - DaVinci Resolve 18 | Blackmagic Design You just need to put in some time to get used to it. Although I do use the paid for Studio version, the free version is pretty damn good :+1:

He asked for a website editor though, which was the question I was answering. :blush:


Aaah right! Sorry! :blush: don’t think I’ve ever heard of a website video editor.

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