Video storage

Hi when i load my San Disk to Windows 10 it goes to microsoft One drive. Now after approx 30 mins of footage I am required to open a paid account. I dont mind a one off payment. But I wondered where most of our members store their videos. Thanks enjoy the weather.

Local external hard drives.

Chances are you’ll want to edit. Why would you upload to One Drive? Takes for ever, can’t edit, etc.

Down to my lack of Windows 10 knowledge. I will get filmora or similar. Cheers

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I’ve a couple of these. Great value for money … TB/£ wise …

Take a look at Davinci Resolve, free version, for an excellent video editor.

Are you dragging files from SD over to documents by any chance?

I made the same mistake. I didn’t realise there are two separate folder structures in file explorer.

On this pic, to avoid files going to one drive you need to drop them in a folder under “This PC” or make a folder on your C drive.

Any files your going to be editing keep them on your PC and anything else you can put on an external drive like the one above.

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I’m paranoid about backups and data loss, so I have all my videos in several places:

  • on my machine, plus two external hard drives (one at my neighbours)
  • on iCloud (Apple’s equivalent of OneDrive)
  • on Vimeo

ICloud and Vimeo are both paid accounts, which I rationalise foe peace of mind

Video storage is tough as the files are big and they need a lot of streaming bandwidth, so few sites support them well

How much would that cost for my 14TB of external drives? :wink:

I have my 4 external drives in a fireproof/waterproof box when not in use … one of these :

Edit: One of those did an incredible job when my flat near Heathrow went up in smoke as a result of a fire in the flat below. Came home after a weekend away to find mayhem. The Fire Service had my box, tho. :+1:

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Thats useful, cheers