Virtual Litchi Missions

Just came across this at MavicPilots and think it’s great.

Uses Google Earth Pro to fly missions you have created on the Litchi mission hub, lets you see what your going to get when you actually fly the mission.


Am I missing a link ? :wink:

It’s New year, getting a bit forgetful.

I got all excited but short lived as I don’t run windows :frowning:

I bought Litchi in the black friday sales and it’s not stopped bloody raining and blowing a gale ever since!!

So there it is… sitting quietly on my iPad… waiting for a break in the weather.

This is DEFINITELY on my to-try list, thanks for sharing @Creaky :+1:

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Hmmm… thinking about it… I can use this in winter, can’t I?

If I understood it correctly, I can virtually fly the missions before actually flying them… right?

I looked at this, but couldnt see a way to fly the “mission” automatically in google earth, only manually using your keyboard

Thanks so much for linking this @Creaky

It’s an amazing piece of software that allows you to watch what the camera will shoot during a mission so you can fine tune the mission without having to fly it and find out you’ve not quite got an angle right or whatever, so clever…

There should be an option called Virtual Mission when you import to Google Earth, it has an image of a video camera next to it. Double click on that and it will play your mission for you.



I’ve not created any missions yet, anyone willing to share one of theirs that I can take a virtual tour of?

These are 2 I’ve been playing with. You can just pick any public mission from the website and download the CSV file, just been playing with one from Spain

Broadness Harbour.csv (2.2 KB)
Oxleas Woods.csv (3.0 KB)

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Works like a dream,good for proving our before flight.

Erm ,out

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Welcome to Grey Arrows, @Jonathan :smiley: