Visibility of DJI Mini 3 Pro when flying at night

I’ve not done a night flight yet with any drone I’ve had. I tried in the garden earlier today, in Auto Mode - and the result was meh! OK… not great… I can use manual exposure which isn’t a problem.

My problem is being able to see it. At launch I got the message about impaired vision, and that the sensors would not operate - not something I’d thought about TBH.

Any recommendations to let me see it in the dark a bit better. The green flashing lights are highly visible, but it’s when they blink out that I get a touch paranoid.

Extra lighting will take the mini over the 249g of course, but that might be the only thing…

Advice please… thank you

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Why not attach self-powered strobes? Yes it will take you to maybe 256g.

Your choice is then whether you fly in the >=250g weight rules, or the <250g rules.

I use Strobon Crees on my Mini 2, which I’m lucky still weighs less than 249g on my kitchen scales.


@Osdog as @BadManners said use strobes I have just got one from flytron not taken up yet but they are very bright. The club has a discount code when you unlock full member status

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The Cree Strobons are good

Yup - that’s bright… LOL

Tin hat time :joy::joy:.

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