Clips for Flytron Cree strobes - Mavic 2 - Mini 2 - Air 2

Many thanks for your reply and information.

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Very quick test flight with the new clips attached for the flytron Crees.

Many thanks @ash2020. They fit perfect. I can throw away the velcro now!


Great to see the video and hear your comments @CSB73 .
Two set of clips arriving from @ash2020 for the Mini 2 and big brother M2P early next week.
Flytron Crees ordered on the 15th arrived on the 17th although showing on back order.
Time to test when the forecast is better. :+1:

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Cheers Chris. You won’t be disappointed. I used dual lock on my last drone but didn’t really fancy sticking it to my mini 2 tbh. These are far superior and easy to click on and off. Need to order a red cree once back in stock though so I can have a choice of what to fly with.

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Thanks for posting the video Chris. Nicely done.

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My Flying Christmas Tree :grin:!


How many lights see that from space lol.

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I should be receiving mine from you (ash2020) this week. Ordered last Friday.
MA2 downward facing.


Hi Barry. I dispatched them Saturday morning so you should get them tomorrow. Thanks.

Hi Ash, just ordered some of your clips. I think these are really great design/idea for attaching these strobes, far superior to relying on the power of glue and velcro.

I can’t wait to use them :+1:

Thanks Andrew. They’ll be dispatched tomorrow. I think they work quite well.

I always find that with velcro, the glue unsticks before the velcro in those sort of situations.


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Just ordered a pair for my Mini 2. Approx delivery 12April onwards. Cheers!

Hi there. Thanks. I’m trying to change that eBay estimated delivery time, it’s rubbish. Orders up to 3 p.m. go out the same day, after that they go the next day and they generally arrive the day after, so def. before the end of the week. Cheers

Thank you Ash.

Thanks for doing a special build for my mini, I know it will put it over 249g but I’m sure I can live with that given the increased safety the strobes will bring. Many thanks Ash2020 !

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Hi Ash,

Can you clear something up please? Are you now in a position to sell clips for the Mavic Air 2? If so rear and/or downward facing?


Hi Andrew,

My clips arrived today, thank you for sending them out so quickly.

They are a great fit on both the Mini 2 legs and the CREE strobons. I was a little nervous at first because I didn’t want to snap them but they seem pretty flexible and once I’d got over the initial fear they are easy to get on and off. Great set of instruction too.

Thank you for making a great add-on :+1: :grin:

I find I have to put them on the legs first then insert the strobe, strobe first and they’re too stiff to get over the legs. Work great though.

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You’re welcome Andrew. If they did break I’d be glad to replace them F.O.C.


Thanks Andy.