Visiting Town

Hello all! I’m visiting for a couple days (airline crew) and was hoping that someone could give me an idea of the best places to fly in London. My plan is to head over near Greenwich Park…but open to suggestions.


That’s a tricky location are you just a hobbyist?


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Would Richmond Park be a better idea? The website for the Royal Parks is very ambiguous. To me, it is saying that flying in the parks (within regulations of the lovely test I just took) is okay until a constable comes along and tells you that it isn’t.

Am I correct in my read of the regulation?

The Royal Parks Regulations

Under Park Regulations (Regulation 6) no person using the park shall –

(13) in contravention of a notice exhibited by order of the Secretary of State, or after having been requested by a constable not to do so –

(b) use a kite, or model aircraft or any mechanically propelled or operated model,

The flying of a drone becomes a prohibited act once a constable has asked a person to stop flying it or if a notice is displayed in a park stating it is a prohibited act.

Enforcement of Parks Regulations is a matter for the Metropolitan Police.

I’d have to agree that the Greenwich Park website mentions “drones” under “motorised vehicles” … how quaint!. But the Bylaws pdf makes no mention of “drone” at all! How curious.

Our DroneScene site shows that it’s clear of any airspace restrictions (makes a not for a future visit to London myself!) …

… but, as can be a problem in so many such locations, I can imagine attracting the ire of members of the public in such a location.

Richmond Park does have a dedicated flying area - but as to any photographic opportunities from there, I’m uncertain. (I think its status precedes the event of camera flying drones).

Sorry I can’t be of any greater assistance.

However, welcome to GADC and to the UK, though! :+1:

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Thanks for the warm welcome!

So, maybe I should hang out in the area around the park. Appreciate the heads up!

There may, of course, be signs up at Greenwich Park (of dubious leaglity since their Bylaws make no mention). But if not … if it were me … I’d find a quiet area and go for it.

You have the benefit of not being British … so arguing forgiveness should be OK.

One additional thing - still new for the UK - is “DRES” (Drone and Model Aircraft Registration and Education Scheme (DRES) ).

It’s a very small fee that needs to be paid after passing a very simple online test - (details in that link) … after which you get an ID number that you need to find some way to print and stick to the drone (if over 250g).

Now - just for a couple of days? I think I’d repeat the “asking forgiveness” bit. I’ve travelled and flown without being fully certain of the local dos and don’ts for a particular location (I could at least blame that on my poor Italian/German/French. :wink: ) … but take a look and I’ll leave that decision to you.

But it is pretty clear on “model aircraft” which several other bylaws I’ve seen make clear includes a quadcopter:

Model aircraft
28. No person shall, without the consent of the Council, cause any power-driven model aircraft to:
(a) take off or otherwise be released for flight or control the flight of such an aircraft in the ground; or
(b) land in the ground without reasonable excuse.

Perhaps … but, as I said, Greenwich Park doesn’t “make clear”.

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I’d certainly use that if challenged :grin:

Even as a Brit … so I would I, and so shall I if challenged when I fly there. :+1:

But, as someone visiting from another country … definitely!
Because why should they do an analysis of all park bylaws (probably in a language that isn’t theirs) as to how the parks try to interpret them so as to determine a common theme. And even that might be only how they might like the law to interpret their inclusion of drones in model aircraft?

Chances are the bylaw has never been officially updated adequately, and (imo) a drone isn’t a model plane … unless you can show me the full sized version it’s the model of. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Ah yes, I hadn’t thought of the flying field in Richmond Park. I would go there yeah thats the only real legal non-commerical flying allowed spot in London!

Sorry for the slow reply :upside_down_face:

I don’t know. It might be very tempting to fly from the end of the riverside pier just here at a suitable quiet time, for views over Docklands and the O2. Outside the various restricted areas and FRZs, and >150m from what many would consider congested areas:

Also, you could fly first thing in the morning at Hackney Marshes or even the north end of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park to see some of the Olympic stadia and views towards the city of London, so long as you don’t:

  • Graze an ass (#25)
  • Sit inside your drone while it flies (#12)
  • Wash your dog (#33)
  • Shake or beat a carpet (#30) (jeez, why would you do such a thing?!)
  • Lie around in a filty or verminous condition (#35)
  • etc

Wouldn’t anyone be tempted to just head out early , find somewhere quiet and just throw it in the air.

It’s what I’ve done in all the places I’ve visited (*except Dubai)


Why didn’t you in Dubai?

The last time I was there they were taking them off you at DXB for collection on your way home, that as well as the Jails are not that nice there, and the zealous cops have guns and shit. (oh and my family out there would also be thrown out of the country if I was caught)