Volunteers requested for testing CAA prototype: email DroneRegistration

Hi everyone, and advanced apologies for the long post!

As per last weeks message from the admin team, I am part of the CAA team who are creating the upcoming service requiring drone operators to register & drone fliers to pass a competency test.

Over the past few weeks we have started to create digital prototypes of what the service might look like, and testing these with users to understand what does/doesn’t work. We use this process to ensure that the service, when released for everybody, works as effectively as possible.

To help us to do this, we are trying to recruit volunteers to help us test the prototypes. The sessions will generally last one hour and involve you using the prototype to see if you are able to do what you (will) need to do. There will be no need to prepare or bring anything along.

The sessions will run every other week (with some sessions running next Wed-Fri) and then from the week of 25th February.

If you are interested please drop me an email at DroneRegistration@CAA.co.uk, including your location & general availability. We will then get back to you to try and coordinate the sessions.


Its also really important for us to design something that works for everyone. To ensure we do this, we’re really keen to make sure we test the service with people who may have different needs when using digital services. This can include (but is not limited to):

  • People who don’t speak English as a first language
  • People with visual impairments (including colour blindness)
  • People with learning disabilities
  • People who require support using digital services (for example, do not have access to a computer)

If you have any of these requirements, or any other accessibility requirements, or if you are able to help us in engaging with people with these requirements, please do let us know.

As a reminder the email to get in touch with us is DroneRegistration@CAA.co.uk


Do you have an indication as to the location(s) these sessions will be held? … since if none are practical for individual otherwise keen to participate, it will possibly save both parties some time.

Hi OzoneVibe,

We are flexible to where we can find the most volunteers- but, generally, likely locations include Gatwick, London, Nottingham, Leeds, Bristol, and Glasgow.

This is based upon a mix of where we have readily available locations & where we have large groups of existing volunteers.


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Useful info. Thanks!

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Additionally- we are always keen to engage with people new to the drone world! So if you are able to bring along someone who is new to the drone world- that would be amazing!


Sounds very interesting and pleased that the drone community are being asked for input/assistance. Soooo…Email offering services sent. Will see what response I receive.

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I sent one yesterday Brian and received an email today with an request I attend next week, so they are keen.

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shame you are not running one here in East Anglia, we do have Airports and Airfields here?.
If you did I and several others would be there !.
And plenty of Tractors !!

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I have emailed offering to help

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I suspect I live too far north of Watford (but 20 mins from Leeds by train) to be any use for them.

Would love to help , if it’s at the weekend? I work full time in two areas of my job role.
It’s great that the CCA have asked for are in put.

Ive offered to help but no reply as yet

@Brian @jimvfrmoto750

Don’t forget that they have said

… so - get you emails in, mention your location and availability, and you never know.

I’m having to hold off because I’m waiting for some hospital dates that I don’t want to compromise. Will know more next week on that. (Nothing major - theoretically.)


Hi Brian, will respond to the request I know we all live busy life’s.

Hi ,sorry forgot to put location I live in Staffordshire , Newcastle-under-Lyme area. I have two jobs and only have the weekend free.

You’ll need to email that info to the address in the above post from @CAA_User_Research as per their request.

@Brian they have put me on the list for Leeds, I live the same distance away as you.

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Ooh! Just had a reply to say I they’ve added me to the Leeds list and would I like to be included in the Nottingham list as well?
Not sure if their grasp of geography is like Ken Dodds theory of accountancy, but I said ‘sure why not, it’ll be a day out’ and for a good cause.