VR goggles

So who uses goggles? I imagine they’re awesome, but the price tag is huge! Can you rent them anywhere? Can grey arrows have a share pair?

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I use the bt300 moverio glasses top notch defianatly rate them over fpv gigs any day😁

But that unit is for augmented reality, so I guess you’re seeing the drone feed overlayed onto what’s around you. Doesn’t that make for a confusing experience?

It does to start with but you get used to seeing 2 different sets of info at the same time. I think it also beats the having a spotter for the caa regs as you can still keep Los with your drone😁

Ok, does anyone ever manage to keep eyes on their drone? My eyesight just isn’t good enough!! Hey, and the sensors in the eyewear, will they control the drones orientation? So when you look left right up down the drone camera responds accordingly?

I think my Mavic has some kind of Star Trek invisibility cloak built in.

Every time I look down at the screen then look back up again, it’s vanished?!


I have the DJI Racing Edition, only used them a couple of times but they are fantastic, I would advise sitting down the first time you use some though :laughing:

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I have the normal dji goggles,apart from the lugging the not so portable goggles about i think they are great and dont use anything else now,i like the way i can fly away in any direction with a clear signal,although i have had my mavic 2.8 miles with galaxy s6 over open countryside i find that with goggles that is cut down to around 2 miles.

£379 on Amazon currently :blush:


Hmmm… :thinking:

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DAMN THIS :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: THREAD!!

I thought my accessoryitis was cured :cry:

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Never! :rofl:

Why do I find myself checking DJI goggles vs Inspire 1 compatibility?!

Is there no cure for this condition that we all suffer ?! :sob:

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All? Hmmmm! :thinking:

OK! I have the cure for you!

We swap incomes! :+1::+1::+1:

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Speak for yourself my eBay now involve checking inspire 1s because of YOU…


Accessoryitis is catching… :blush:

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Go on, you know you want too… !

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Are these compatible with the Pro 2?
at these prices I got to future proof purchases I make

They are indeed mate :+1:

A bottle of “what you fancy”, a good woman, and a dark room !!