VTX and Camera kit

Evening all. I’m doing a rebuild of a Beta 95X Analogue V2 but it doesn’t have a VtTX and Camera yet. It has Crossfire so looking for a VTX and camera set to fit on it. Any suggestions/ links?

Thanks, hope I’ve put this in the right section.

What mounting size? I use TBS VTXs in all my builds, I’ve got them wired up to my crossfire nano RXs so I can use my radio to control the VTX without farting about with betaflight VTX tables :ok_hand:t2:

I can recommend the TBS unify pro32 nano and the TBS unify pro32 HV

Both are solid VTXs capable of upto 1w of output power :+1:t2:

(Shame we’re stuck with 25mw in this country though :rofl: :wink:)


Thanks mate.

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Hi mate. You any experience using Banggood.com? Reliable?
Also should I be using the UK.Banggood.com or just Banggood.com

Always been very wary shopping online.


I have tbs pro 32 nano and crossfire nano rx on one of mine.

As Deano said makes life easier when I’ve got everything that can be controlled from one TX.

I’ve bought from either unmanned tech or hobby rc in the uk - when they have stock.

Banggood I’ve bought plenty from but never vtx or rx stand alone.

I’ve used banggood loads without issue, just make sure it’s a named brand you’re buying otherwise it’s cheap chinese crap. Also expect it to take ages to be delivered unless you can select the UK warehouse otherwise it comes from china or the us or what ever warehouse you choose. I’ve always gone gone for the china warehouse over the us warehouse if they haven’t got the uk warehouse as an option.

I’ve got the banggood app on my phone so haven’t got to worry about what URL I’m using.

Hope this helps :+1:t2:

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Don’t use the US warehouse you’re likely to get clobbered with US/UK duty charges depending on the value.
EU or PL (Poland?) option is good these days, the Brexit issues with the carriers is mainly sorted now

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I’ve only ever used the CN (China) warehouse or the UK warehouse lol so can’t comment on the others :+1:t2: but again never had an issue. If you’re into FPV it’s almost a given that you’re going to be ordering from banggood at some point lol


my account is on banggood.com

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