Walkera furious f320 !Should i buy?

walkera furious f320 looks like a great beast to buzz about… thinking about buying this, what do you think??

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Do you plan on flying in rate mode or is it just a faster gps drone your after?

Its heavy, almost 1kg with battery and with the articulated arms I’m not sure how durable it’s going to be when you crash it.

In all honesty I would steer well clear! My experience of walkera stuff is less than stellar and while I haven’t had this specific model the brand gives me pause.

It’s also at least 3 year old tech. Compared to current tech it’s a dinosaur.

I would look elsewhere…

If your looking to just get a feel for flying fpv quads I would grab yourself an x9d transmitter and a sim to get started and teach your fingers some muscle memory

Then …

If your looking for a great starter quad for fpv/building take a look at unmannedtech a bundle…



…Looks kinda familiar…


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looks good,and a lot cheaper !!! looking to get into freestyle flying initially but who knows where this will lead :wink::wink:So walkera off the menu dont know a lot about race quads yet,but eager to jump in ! Like what i see at unmanned tech ,but still somewhat confused. would like to start with something that can be fast,but robust,preferably pre built to start with,as in ready to fly but also something i will be able fly in rate mode at a later date…Yep definitely confused now :rofl::rofl::rofl:

If at all possible then grab a transmitter and fly a sim first. Will save you a ton of cash in spares…

Pre built is a bit of false economy at the 5” size as you will end up rebuilding it regularly anyway so better to build it and know what attaches to what and why.

Unmannedtech is one of my go to suppliers for everything these days.

Things that it’s worth investing in from the outset is…

A decent transmitter: frsky x9d or q7x are both good transmitters and I’m hearing good things from the latest jumper radio.

A good charger: the isdt range gets pretty good reviews across the board but will require an external psu I think

Flux. This makes soldering a lot easier
A good soldering iron. I use a ts100 for 99% of all my soldering

Goggles. The go to is Fat Shark, but others are ok. I have skyzone and love em.
As for a sim, Liftoff on Steam is well liked. Doesn’t run well on my pc so I use Freerider. There is a free demo and the full version is only about a fiver.
Be warned though. Once you start the FPV, forever will it dominate your destiny! Flying a position hold drone will become bland.

“Bland” I think that’s the most understated comment I have ever read!

Admins can we get an understated badge for this man please!


If possible try and find some local fpv pilots. Try some different goggles. Everyone’s face is different so worth trying a few different makes

If you’ve never flown FPV before and have no/limited experience with flying in rate (acro) then I would suggest going for a ready to fly kit with goggles/transmitter and quad, just to get an idea if its something you actually want to do.

I recommend the Emax Tiny Hawk for ~£150

Once you have a feel for it and comfortable flying in rate mode, then you can look at something more substantial.

If you wish to avoid having to deal with registration in November you will need to be looking at quads that are sub 250g which rules out anything over 4" pretty much.

The Diatone R349 is a highly regarded 3" quad, extremely fast and agile and pretty well priced, you’ll need a transmitter and goggles to go along with that though, so expect to spend at least £300 to get started with this sort of quad.

Uh oh! This all sounds quite familiar!

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How are you getting on anyway been out flying yet?

Still waiting for my new prop nuts to arrive! But I’ve taken the opportunity to crash two arms of my mavic pro so I can get lots of practice soldering…!

Oh, question, should I charge down these lipos whilst I’m waiting?

Yeah if your not using the batteries I’d put them in storage mode, which is 3.8v

So you basically charge them when you need them?

Yeah. That way is safest and they last longer.

With how dangerous lipo batteries can be when not handled correctly, looking after them is important. So if I charge a battery up to fly and don’t go out, I discharge it to storage voltage (3.8v) until I intend to use it again.

It’s better to charge/discharge batteries than to charge it and leave it for several days without use. This isn’t really an issue with something like a Mavic 2 as their batteries discharge themselves after a short time anyway.

If your not planning to use the batteries for a while, always put them in storage mode, never leave a charged battery for more than a few days. If you were going away on holiday I’d put them in a waterproof lipo bag and stick em somewhere safe away from the house. Wouldn’t wanna return home from a vacation to find a house that’s char grilled :slight_smile: