Wallington Viaduct, Fareham

We don’t have many viaducts in this part of the world, so when a steam train was scheduled I couldn’t resist it! Only slight problem is that it’s in the FRZ for both RNAY Fleetlands and Lee on Solent airport. Nothing ventured, as they say, so I contacted ATC at both and they were more than happy to give me permission to fly. The other slight problem was that my TOAL was on the private Cams Hall Estate. Again, nothing ventured, so I went to reception and asked. They were most helpful and gave me permission.
Attached photos are,1 - Royal Scot, 2 - its escort, 3 - looking up Fareham Creek and 4 – the Estate.

All taken with M2P plus ND4 polarising filter.



Good pictures

Just looked up the time of that train … I must have only just missed it - driving under the flyover (eastward) within the previous 15 minutes.

As a point of interest for the future, where do you find the ‘appropriate’ number to contact the relevant ATC.
ps I’m in Fareham too and only taken receipt of my drone last week.


Greetings Jamie,

Email is probably best in the first instance. Fleetlands is fleetlandsheliport@standardaero.com and Lee on Solent - controltower@solentairport.co.uk. There is a website - Air Traffic Control Advisor - search for an ATC but that is in early stages of development and doesn’t have them all.

Happy flying,

Paul B.
aka Photobird

Hi Paul, Thank you for your response, I’ll save those contacts for the future.