Want to fly your Mavic2 / Phantom in heavy rain? - Then read on

Oh I’m getting me one of these :wink:


I remember seeing this on a Phantom forum when they first came out, things then weren’t great.
Perhaps they have improved things now but once on they couldn’t be removed back then, they also leaked quite bad for some.
It’s not for me.

I’ve not seen these before, could be useful here in the UK https://www.phantomrain.org/

Seen these on mavic pilots,they are advertised all the time.It would appear,reading the comments,that the guy who makes them,or runs the company,cannot take criticism,and is very impolite and wont answer questions.Think i would steer well clear!If you get a chance,take a look on mavic pilots comments section!

@JonD moved your post over to the existing thread on the subject mate :+1:t2:

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Yes that’s where I pick up on them, he does seem a little touchy doesn’t he :rofl:


Very much so and then insults people that ask him valid questions about his product.:neutral_face:
So,if i want to fly in the rain i suggest a ziplock bag!!!:rofl: Or get a swellpro drone,for rain missions.Yes,i have given it serious consideration!!!:rofl::rofl::+1:

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Problem is, when it’s raining, it can knock out radio and/or video signals. The drops absorb it. The shorter the rain drop, the higher the frequency it absorbs.


[ 33 months later :wink: ]

Yeah, I can vouch for this after today. It works, but intermittent drop outs.

It was chucking down all day, wanted to drone, didn’t have one of these “drone wetsuits”, so made my own out of an Asda sandwich bag :man_shrugging:

I’ll just leave this here :man_running::dash:

For aquatic Tomfoolery I have one of these.


Swellpro spry is fun for rainy days…