Wanted: CAA DMARES Card in Portrait


So I have one of these and it’s great and all but!

I would really like one in portrait and preferably with a photo anyone know where I could get one done?

Loads on ebay

I did have a look but none in portrait that I could see.

Design your own and use one of the online services? again loads on the bay

See page 2 of the following

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I can’t see the portrait ones you’re referring to on that web site @AIRAC :thinking:

Can you share a link directly to the item itself for @ResilienceUAV please ?

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There are a few there of different types…

Prob my error in pointing to Page Two when it shows LOAD MORE at the bottom.

Portrait, not landscape I think @ResilienceUAV is after

Not seen one around…dont think he will be lucky. On the other hand the heading of the request maybe should have been
Wanted-CAA-dmares-card WITH portrait ??

Definitely wanting portrait similar to this but obviously with the caa stuff.

:arrow_up:Wanted: CAA DMARES Card in Portrait - #4 by milkmanchris

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I can do one for you…

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I think I’d prefer one with my photo on this :point_up_2: