Wanted FPV Lanyard and head strap

Hi can anyone please point in in the direction of the above.

I have a pair of DJI goggles being delivered today and would like to exchange the head strap on them as the Splinter cell look is not me :slight_smile:

If I can get a matching lanyard as in the iFlight style that would be even better…

Many thanks in advance…


Are you just looking for a single band style strap rather than the over the top of the head?

If so how about one of these?

As for lanyard pretty sure any lanyard will work loads of designs out there just do a goggle search? :+1:t2:


These are great looking but the Yorkshire in me screams how much !!

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@BigDog didn’t specify a budget :rofl: :money_mouth_face:

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Cheers mate,already viewed these and they only have the cannabis ones left.

Don’t want to get slapped with an ASBO …:rofl::rofl:

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