Wanted, Intro and thanks - Sorry if this is repeated

[date=2019-08-13 timezone=“Europe/London”]Good evening you drone fiends… I’m a new pensioner / bus pass holder / Pan European rider who had his interest spiked in these marvelous drone contraptions about three years ago and did very little about it, but saw a couple close up near Scammonden Water in West Yorkshire a few days ago. Did a little You Tubing and ‘net surfing’ and discovered your Club. “What the heck.” I thought, and joined. Best thing I’ve done for quite a while.

Contacted the nearest flyer to my home address (@mickydd ) and he was incredibly friendly and extremely helpful. We arranged to meet up, which we did this morning and he spent two hours very patiently reassuring and guiding me as I took my first steps toward becoming a flyer myself. Thank you very much again @Mickydd - looking forward already to ‘going flying’ again.

My appetite has been well and truly whetted fellow flyers and I’m now on the hunt for a very good drone and I’m hoping someone on this forum may have one for sale, or know someone who has one for sale. I’m looking for a minimum feature filled Mavic something.

Are you prepared to make a comment on the wisdom or lack thereof, of jumping straight in and going for the latest Mavic 2 Pro? All comments and opinions welcomed.

Thanks for welcoming me to your club - I hope our relationship can bear some fruit.



Depending on what type of drone you’re looking for, there’s a couple currently for sale in #for-sale-wanted. One Mavic Air (new) and Mavic Pro (second hand - with some accessories).

I am all but retired also and I went for it about a year ago with a secondhand Mavic Pro.

If you can afford it then go for it with the Mavic 2 Pro, I am saving up to get one unless they bring out something else in the meantime. It’s not just the flying but the post production part when you get home in creating interactive 360 panoramas which dorne will take all the photos for, and also video editing. It’s good for us older ones to keep our minds active, so all this certainly does that. All the guys on GADC are really friendly helpful with all that sort of stuff. So if you want it to be then you can have a whole new hobby and lots of fun. We are never too old to start something new.

Let us know how you get on and what you get, there have been some really good deals on here for secondhand kits, have a look in the for sale and wanted category. All the best, Phil

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Thanks very much. have (I think replied to one advert I saw) hope I’ve managed the system correctly.

Glad to see you going for that MP for £550, that’s a real bargain.

Very welcome message @AprilCoon - cheers. Have messaged (I think) someone on here already about Mavic Pro for sale. I’m struggling to negotiate the site at the moment. Can’t seem to feel confident that I’m doing anything right. Your response tells me that I’ve managed to get one message out there at least, but still not sure whether seller has got my note. I’ll wait and see. Thanks to you sir for being so encouraging…Will try and keep you informed.

Well I looked at the ad for the MP (Mavic Pro) and your message saying you were his man was there and how you go about paying for it etc. So you are definitly getting your messages out in the right place. you can also send a private message to someone by clicking on their name or avatar (little picture beside the name) and a box pops up with some details about them and there is a “Message” button at the top right, click that and then you can send a private message to them.

I’m not sure how computer savvy you are hence the bits in brackets, forgive me if you know what’s what. At the top of the GADC pages there is your own avatar which will have a number in a blue background to the right for replies to comments you have made and to the left with a green background for replies to private messages, click on them and you get a list of posts or messages, the yellow ones indicate you haven’t seen them.

Hope this will help you get around.

He’s a good bloke that @mickydd


Good on ya Mick, steer him my way!


It was great to meet up this morning Michael @Alphi1847
That’s what this site is all about and a brilliant site it is.
Glad you enjoyed the couple of hours, at least the weather held out for us!
Fingers crossed you can do a deal on the Mavic Pro, that’s a nice piece of kit.
Let me know when you fancy another fly round.

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It was certainly very beneficial as far as I am concerned Mike @mickydd. Got rid of my anxiety and helped me to put a few misgivings to one side.

Can you think of the differences between the item I’m trying to buy on the forum and a brand new Mavic2 Pro?

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To be honest Michael @Alphi1847, I’m not sure about all the differences.
I found this on the net, but it is from DJI themselves, so might be somewhat biased.
I had a Mavic Pro for 2 years and loved it, but now I love my Mavic 2 Pro.
Am sure others will be along to point out the main differences, but in the meantime, hope this helps

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Just what I wanted that Mick, thanks. @mickydd. Has answered many, if not all my questions. A great site in general too. Will bookmark it. Any more drone specialist web addresses you use regularly and can recommend??


Similar here, except I drive a hearse or an ambulance as the mood takes me. Also I’m a zipper club member.

I got a Mavic Air recently. I’ve no experience of the bigger Mavics but I’m very happy with the machine I’ve invested in.

I decided to lay out money on an Android app and bought Litchi for flight planning. On my laptop or desktop I can set up future flights and, with the addition of Virtual Litchi Mission I can “fly” the mission on Google earth to check what I should be seeing when I fly it for real. So I can change height, waypoints and camera angles till I’m happy with the mission. Ideal for wet days like today!

Litchi is in the app stores for Iphone and Android

VLM is here It runs under Windows

If you use a grown-up OS like Linux or OSX then you can run the virtual mission with a browser extension:

Yet anther Virtual Ltichi Mission for Chrome

Yet anther Virtual Ltichi Mission for Firefox

When the weather improves and you can get flying again you can upload your flight data to Airdata UAV which will show you the flight you have made, battery health, sensor and GPS performance in as much detail as you could wish.

So there is plenty to do at home as well as getting out on the good days to enjoy yourself.

Oh, and if you are travelling by bu,s the Mavic Air is slighlty lighter/smaller to carry :slight_smile:


All very useful info @macspite Robert. Very grateful for your input. As far as I can tell. I’ve managed to secure the Mavic Pro that was for sale on here yesterday. Just making final payment/postage details this afternoon. Hope all goes well and I look forward to having my first drone (!)


Brilliant news Michael, hope you manage to sort out the final details.
Fingers crossed the weather improves and we can get out for some flying

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Brilliant news Michael,
Well done!
Tough decision. I hope you have many happy years with the ‘Pro’.


The same thing happened to me Michael,
A friend from the forum let me fly his Mavic Air, and I was totally hooked as well!
Beautiful machines.

Bought a second hand one 2 months ago and … LOVING IT!!!


I wonder who that was?..:innocent:

Guilty Ma’ Lud’, I get the blame for all the purchases !.

I have not had anyone’s missus at the door threatening me with a rolling pin (yet) !


I think it should be ‘thanks’ Chris! :wink:

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