WANTED Mavic Air Fly More [CLOSED]

Hi People looking for a mavic air fly more combo kit. Would prefer to spend the money here rather than ebay. So thought I’d ask here first . Anyone know of anything going ?

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@bees had one for sale last week:

Not sure if it’s still available though…

yes It’s stil available

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I have a flymore kit and a dead Mavic air :wink: if DJI can’t fix the Mavic for a reasonable price I might have the kit to sell and spare controller filters etc

I could be tempted to purchase a battery off of you if it comes to that…

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Excluding the memory card which he has loads of already as hes a photographer. That only a £38 saving from buying brand new and direct from DJI from the UK. I’ll forward your offer …I think his tops is about £700

Would be interested in a battery too

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Been thinking about selling Mavic air flymore black. Bought for my son but he’s not interested. Only used a few times. Got at Christmas.

CLOSED… found one …

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Thanks @SkyDonkey, topic title updated.

Enjoy the new aircraft, look forward to seeing some photos :smiley: