Wanted: Parrot Disco C.H.U.C.K

I’m looking to build my new wing and need a flight controller with camera, this looks like the very dab !!

Please contact me if you have any ideas or alternatives!!

Any use mate?

(not mine)

As an alternative why not consider a Pixhawk or Cube FC combined with a Skydroid Control/Video link?

Skydroid T10

The Skydroid system claims up to 20km video and 30km control range. The received video, I believe, is mux’d into the control link and provides a 720p downlink with similar quality to the Disco.


Edit: Gray Arrows has a discount facility with Peter at Droneshop.biz

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Thanks I will look into this … I just like the simplicity of the chuck and the idea of flying 4g …

I saw this … ta !!

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