Wanted: Phantom 3 advance controller

Has anyone got a phantom 3 controller for sale or know somebody who can repair them thanks

What’s wrong with it :thinking: :thinking:

so it started off with a charging issuse i had the mico chip refloted it came to the next charge cycle and the controller would not turn on after looking on dji and youtube i had to press c1 and shutter to show the lights of the controller and it turn on but had a blue/green light on after this is was told to disconect the power pack and reconnect i had to then do the update so i did

and now it will only turn on by pressing the c1 and shutter then power this leads me to think the motherboard has gone bad. Any adivce ?? thank you in advanced

Hello Daz so try this

  1. Disassemble the controller down to bare bones (down to motherboard)
  2. use a solder iron on all the solder points on the board (they are very well known for dry solder )
  3. reassemble just keep the back of case off
  4. connect to power supple and rest BY C1 - C2 -shutter button this rests the board
    5.update the rc (raido controller) in the dji app
  5. screw back together and reconnect to drone
    i have had a few p3/p4 that have controllers issues it seems to be a dji defect and they have poor solder points
    Hope this helps :+1: :+1:

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