Wanted: Zenmuse Z3 camera

Wanted Hi Just wondered if anyone has a Zenmuse Z3 camera for sale


I’ve got a Z3 Tony, alas not for for sale though :blush:

Where are you based mate?

In Worcester not easy to find one. Have an Inspire 1 V1 with X3

Yeah they are indeed like the proverbial rocking horse…

Shame you’re so far away mate, you could have had a borrow :blush:

There’s one on sale in Facebook market place…£155.



It’d almost be worth buying and flipping that, saw one on eBay sell for £600 in the blink of an eye in September (these don’t come up often at all).


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Hi have had a quick look but could not find, any chance you could send me the link I can then copy and paste


Great thanks I will see if he still has it as the listing has ended

Thanks for your help

Hi just found the one in Staines, unfortunately it is a X3 not the Z3

Appreciate your your help, not looked at this site before very busy.


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I did think it sounded a bit cheap :blush:

Nodded off after my dinner, just woke up to find out I got the wrong camera on Facebook…soz , I’ll just go back to sleep :sleeping:

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Hi found at last a Z3. None of the big drone outlets have any in stock, and some have enormous price tags.

I found Top Teks Ltd and they had an ex demo for sale for £420, this included VAT unfortunately, but still a good deal. Should be with me tomorrow.

I have read that some people have had to do a firmware update and others have just connected up and all OK. Just wondered if you had to do a firmware update with yours.


Did you mean “excluded”, as in £420+VAT = £504 all in?

I’m probably not the best person to ask mate, due to the custom/modded firmwares I run.

Inspire 1/ Z3 Firmware release notes:

My advice would be to simply try it first, without installing any updates :+1:t2:

Hi OK thanks for the advice